Welcome to Laurel Creek Wellness Center

At Laurel Creek Wellness Center, Dr. Alison Snider and her staff are comitted to giving you more radiant, youthful skin. By offering a variety of skin care treatments and products, we are confident that you will be satisfied with your experience with us and your refreshed, rejuvinated skin.

Look no further than the medical office with which you have come to know and trust under the direction of Dr. Alison Snider. With our expanded aesthetic services, we are able to offer a variety of skin care treatments to give your skin a healthy glow.




We are excited to be a part of the Kernersville Spring Folly on May 1st and 2nd. Please stop by our booth to us.



Laurel Creek Wellness Center | 900 Old Winston Road, Suite 222 | Kernersville, NC 27284

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